The HomeSchool

Association of California

Los Angeles County Support Groups

Dragon Tree Home Learners
Our primary goal, as a group, is to provide plenty of freedom for our children to have time to develop their own games, make complex creations, explore new relationships, and develop close friendships.

Field Trips SOCAL

For those who like to take their children on field trips. This group is to help build a sense of community, respect, and compassion for those who are setting up field trips and for those who like to go on field trips in the Southern California area.

Contact: M.J. Kang Email

A Los Angeles based resource for free learners and outside the box thinkers. Our goal is to build bridges within our diverse community by sharing a wide variety of experiences and resources. Our hope is to create more chances for play, connection and joy.

Contact: Amanda Enclade Email:

Santa Monica/West LA Whole Life Learners

We are an inclusive group, welcoming all faiths, races and orientations. We gather together to socialize Monday afternoons and Friday evenings, as well as having active Yahoo! groups and Facebook pages for information sharing.

Contact: Annette Keenberg Email:

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