Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to all of our members. We meet in person four weekends per year at locations all over the state. Contact us for dates and locations. If you would like to volunteer to host a board meeting at your house, please let us know.



About Us

The HomeSchool Association of California has been around since 1987 when a small group of Bay Area homeschooling moms got together to start what was then called the Northern California Homeschool Association.  Since then we've grown to a statewide organization.  Those original families have moved on to new life stages, and passed their vision on to new members, that vision being an inclusive homeschooling organization dedicated to the support of homeschooling families in all their many flavors.  We hold to the belief that homeschooling families are the ones best able to make their own educational choices.  We are a non-profit volunteer organization.

HSC's members are the heart and soul of the organization. They step up, get involved, and serve homeschoolers of California in a wide variety of ways and each one is important. We thank all our active members for their willingness to participate in promoting and protecting homeschooling.

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                         August 6-August 9, 2015