Catalogs, Prepared Courses, and Other Assorted Curricula Resources

Full and Partial Curriculum Packages:
  • Calvert SchoolA traditional packaged curriculum, K-8.
  • Sonlight Curriculum (Christian)A flexible program of inter-related subjects and/or an extensive catalog, with emphasis on great literature.
  • Christopherus Homeschool ResourcesWaldorf-inspired curriculum materials, unit studies, audio downloads, consultation, essays and links.
  • Enki EducationA multicultural, arts-inegrated curriculum inspired by Waldorf-Teaching guides, and curriculum packages, articles, and reviews.
  • Five in a RowLiterature-based unit study for children 2-12 yrs.
Information on Typical Studies Covered in SchoolsPrivate Homeschool Programs
  • Beach High School, a private alternative schoolRun by Wes Beach, author of Opportunities After "High School": Thoughts, Documents, Resources. It offers a legal umbrella, guidance, documentation, college admission planning, and diplomas based on concise portfolios. Specialty: helping teenagers make a transition from high school studies to their next life situation, whether college or other. Learning plans available, but not curricular materials or instruction.
  • Clonlara School, Curriculum, CompuHighPrivate school status in CA. Administrative services, transcripts, interaction with officials, teacher support, diploma, etc.
  • Oak Meadow SchoolTeacher support or independent study curricula. Private school status in CA.
Public Charter School information

Charter schools are special programs created as a means to innovate within the public school system. Most charter schools were once site-based programs located within the sponsoring school districts. Several charters now exist for homeschool students, and many homeschool families are happy with the opportunity to have both independence and support. For further information, contact the schools directly, see, or

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