Books About Learning and Homeschooling

Understanding and Getting Started Homeschooling

  • See, I Told Me So!Homeschool Veterans Declare "You Can Stop Worrying," An Ebook. Eighteen homeschool veterans from all walks of life share their experiences - their challenges, fears, trials and triumphs. Each contributor offers the same assurance. "We could have stopped worrying years ago, and you can stop worrying today."

  • Homeschooling for Excellence, David and Micki ColfaxAn older book that still inspires, it was written in response to frequent questions after their first son got into Harvard on a scholarship, this book empowers parents to take charge of their children's education.

Natural Learning and Unschooling
  • Viral Learning: Reflections on the Homeschooling LifeMary Griffith, the author of The Homeschooling Handbook, and the Unschooling Handbook, reflects on how she, along with a few of her friends came to homeschooling, how it affected them and their view of the world, and how those changes may spark changes around them.

Why Homeschool? These books can be particularly helpful for dealing with challenging questions from family and friends.

About Learning and How It Works, Learning Styles, and Special Challenges

  • How Children Learn, How Children Fail, Learning All the Time and others, by John HoltHolt was an educational and social critic, and a pioneering homeschooling advocate. His captivating books and gentle empathy with children introduced deeply insightful observations about how learning works.

  • Better Late Than Early and School Can Wait (a more scholarly version of the same research)Raymond and Dorothy Moore, discussion of the large body of research proving the dangers of early formal schooling (includes their own Christian-based perspectives as well).

Information about Learning Resources of All Kinds

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