Private School Satellite Programs

In addition to the private schools operated by one family for its own children, there are a number of other types of private schools that offer homeschooling programs. These schools range from the cooperatives mentioned above, to for-profit PSPs that file paperwork and collect records for a fee, to site-based day schools that offer independent study, to distance learning programs. Private satellite programs (PSPs) fall under the same legal option as establishing your own private school. The administrators of the PSP file the private school affidavit. Homeschoolers who choose this option should also read Establishing Your Own Private School to understand how private schools are established and what is required of them.

Private PSPs vary widely in offerings, philosophy and structure. Some offer complete curricula and home study assignments; others serve only as administrative record keepers for independent homeschooling. Some families appreciate the structure, the record keeping, and the anonymity the private PSPs may offer.

Private out-of-state PSPs, while useful for curricular support, only satisfy the legal requirements for public school exemption if the school has filed its own affidavit in California. If you enroll in an out-of-state PSP, you should make sure that the school complies with California law. If it has not filed an affidavit in California, then you must establish your own private school and file an affidavit or comply with the law in some other way.

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