Math Resources


  • Creative Publications  - A math catalog with hundreds of colorful products, and an emphasis on problem-solving skills development. 1-800-523-2371.

  • FUN-Books Catalog - Mathematics  - A particularly creative assortment of books and programs to inspire learning, from basic arithmetic through high school level math, including some economics for children.

  • Gnarly Math  - Ebook,CD-ROM, and Newsletter. Program includes entertaining instruction in geometry, trigonometry, algebra, probability, topology, and numbers- including games, puzzles, magic tricks, and math lab.

  • Hands-On Equations.  - A visual and kinesthetic teaching system for introducing algebraic concepts to students ages 8-14 using game pawns and numbered cubes.

  • Key Curriculum Press  - Key Curriculum Press has popular math materials including the Keys to Math books (and the Miquon Math Materials program designed to help primary grade children discover mathematical relationships and to view the world mathematically). (800) 995-MATH.

  • Living Math  - Non-traditional ideas, suggestions for books, games, and other resources.

  • Moving with Math  - Pre-K through grade 8, with the choice of using manipulatives along with workbooks.

  • Muggins MathPopular math board games and manipulatives that are fun and educational.

  • Singapore MathA program known for introducing concepts in a logical, sequential way that makes it easy for the student to understand. (503) 557-8100.

  • Schiller MathA Montessori-based curriculum, grades K-7 - lessons, diagnostic tests, math songs, and Montessori-based manipulatives.

  • Teaching TextbooksA popular program with a wide variety of math products, including step-by-step audiovisual solutions, and lectures that contain animation and sound effects.

  • Waldorf Without WallsA 17 page book includes movement games, manipulative activities, and beanbag games to teach and reinforce basic math skills, for grades 1-3.

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