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Submission: AJ Tutoring is the Bay Area's leading provider of customized & flexible 1-on-1 PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, SAT subject, and academic tutoring (including all levels of math, science, English, and history).



Contact: Grace, Baywood Learning Center alternative education program provides customized curriculum for gifted students. We develop workshops around exceptional interests of our students. We also offer a hybrid school and PSP program.



K-12 private school satellite program (PSP). Student transfers, transcripts, records, high school credits tracking, dual enrollment, and diplomas. Enjoy the freedom to individualize instruction and year round support.

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Offering Bachelor of Science degrees in Aviation Flight and Aviation Management at CBU in Riverside, CA. Fully accredited, our programs are designed to prepare you for exciting careers in the aviation industry.

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No Cable Internet? No Worries! We provide Truly Unlimited 4G LTE Wireless Internet service throughout the Rural United States. Great for video streaming and Online Gaming. visit us at

Contact: Stephen Kota,

Fun thematic classes held in small groups in homes in Southern California. Theme-related field trips. Classes held at Disneyland.

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Choices Charter School is a Free personalized learning charter public school. We offer 3 types of learning environments: Hybrid classrooms, One-on-One and Virtual. Each student learns in the environment that best fits their needs.

 Please contact: Joao Sena, One-on-one student tutor instruction is the most successful way to improve a student’s academic standing.


Easyread System is a fully supported online phonics course for children with dyslexia, auditory processing issues or highly visual learning styles who struggle to read and write. Works through short fun daily lessons. Contact Sarah Forrest at


En Famille is a French non-profit organization offering long term language immersion exchanges for children ages 9-16. No language skills necessary. Americans can chose France, Germany or Spain. En Famille has been in operation for 33 years.

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A resource center for self-guided learners in the San Francisco East Bay, we offer forest and art lab days for children up to age 8. We respect and nourish children, and trusts in their ability to find their own education and life paths.

Rose Haynes

 contact: Shelly Kamboj email: Fusion Academy is a fully accredited revolutionary private middle and high school with the smallest class size possible: one student and one teacher per classroom. Scheduling and curriculum are personalized and students may enroll in classes for credit or tutoring at any time of the year.


Global Village School K-12 students learn in a creative, flexible, progressive, and empowering program. Enroll or buy curriculum only. You can even completely customize studies!

Contact: Laura Fragomeni at

URL: Empathetic neuroscience-based tutoring and academic coaching for all ages. We specialize in supporting students with anxiety around math, science, reading and/or writing, ADHD, Dyslexia, processing disorders, or history of trauma.
3/2020 Inspire Charter Schools is a tuition-free, personalized learning, public charter school for TK-12th grade students. Tailor your child's education with many choices, flexibility, and teacher support!

Landmark College is a fully-accredited, 2 and 4 year degree-conferring institution exclusively for students who learn differently, including students with a learning disability (such as dyslexia), ADHD, or autism. We champion a strengths-based model and give students the skills and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

Contact: Carroll Pare at or 802-387-6885

Contact: Alexandre de Chambure @


Language City is a one-of-a-kind WASC-accredited online language school (French & Spanish) founded by the former private English teacher of French President Chirac's daughter. We are vendors with many charter schools.


contact: Kabir MacDow
Living Wisdom High School of Palo Alto, with 45 years of experience, offers the opportunity for homeschooling students to participate, part-time or full-time, in academic courses with our high school students in friendly, small-class settings.

contact: Yasha MacDonald, I'm an online math tutor and graduate of Columbia University. I have an M.S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology as well as a M.Ed. with a focus on secondary school mathematics. If your homeschooler needs help with a math or science course feel free to be in touch.

Personalized school experience for families seeking an independent study program that respects a parent’s choices regarding the education of their own children. IEM charter schools serving grades TK-12th in 18 California counties.
contact: Kirstine Bowers, email:


Contact: Leticia Smith, Award winning Spanish curriculum. Nearly 20 years as a leader in K-5 instructional Spanish materials. Multi-grade, context-rich, enjoyable hands-on and digital resources for a fun and effective blended learning experience.

Stepping Stones is a unique and well-known learning enrichment center. Our dedicated and highly professional staff provides one-to-one tutoring tailored to meet the individual needs of students K- adult in every subject.
Contact: Anna Hasbun

Offering massage practitioner and therapist programs as well as CE classes for NCBTMB and CBRN. Take classes for personal growth or to add to your modality tool box. Excellent opportunity for part time employment or a career.



Chem, phys & math tutor with 25+ years experience. AP and SAT subject test prep too. In-home tutoring on SF peninsula or by Skype elsewhere. I can help your student master the concepts and build a foundation for future success!
Contact: Larry Friedrich


Why do smart children struggle academically? The answer is in the underlying learning skills that remain underdeveloped for many children. TLC can help identify and treat the cause of learning problems.

Contact: Maria Bagby

100613 The Puppetry Institute is the central coasts first Puppetry/Theater/FX/Film arts center tailored for the Home School community. offering daily classes for ages 8+ Tues- Sat from 10-6pm contact: Ricki Vincent,

Campers grow their love of reading and find joy in writing, in the great outdoors. For rising 1st-3rd graders who would benefit from an academic boost in a playful, supportive environment.

Director: Dr. Alexis Filippini.


I offer a space for students to harness the powers of written expression and build creative confidence. I use their interests, capabilities, and experiences to guide my approach in group classes and individualized instructional settings.
contact: Rachel Rosekind, PhD,


YEA Camp is a life-changing camp for world-changing teens! This week-long overnight summer camp for social change trains and supports 12-17 year-olds to make a bigger difference on a cause they care about.
contact: Nora Kramer,


Live online classes using live video streaming, e-Tech classes offers technology exposure in a fun way for various age groups. Scratch, Python, Website, Apps, and more........

Contact: Young Gates


Help your child succeed! Increase their cognitive skills to learn easier, faster and more efficiently. We help increase Attention, Memory, Processing Speed, Visual and Auditory processing. These are the underlying skills neccessary for learning.

Contact: Nancy Lira

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