A comprehensive, research-based mathematics program for 6th grade math through calculus, which also provides workshops to teach implementation of problem-based lessons.

MathPapa Algebra Calculator is a calculator that gives step-by-step help on algebra problems. Lessons and practice help you master algebra at home.


Use PrepToon's media rich content with real-world relevance and multi-step questions to engage struggling students who need to get back on track and to challenge motivated students to do high-level thinking.

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ShillerMath publishes math curriculum, music, and manipulatives for students of ages 4-12 (including pre-K and pre-Algebra), with beautifully designed lessons, diagnostic tests, fun math songs, and Montessori-based manipulatives. ShillerMath uses all learning styles to explore every concept and requires no lesson preparation.

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Speed! makes skip-counting loads of fun, and mastery of skip-counting makes multiplication easy. Two players compete against each other to be the first to get rid of their cards, but they must watch-out...... if the number in the middle is the same they must be fast to tap the Speed! button, otherwise they will get all the played cards added to their stack.

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The Intuitive Statistics Handbooklet of Standard Deviation, Variance, et Cetera: Simple Explanations of the Measures of Variation and Their Associated Concepts, Plus a Practical Exercise to Illustrate the Concepts. 55 Pages.

Math textbooks designed exclusively for homeschoolers.

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We take a comprehensive approach to learning by pairing your student with a tutor/teacher handpicked to fit his/her personality, learning style, and educational goals.

Chem, phys & math tutor with 25+ years experience. AP and SAT subject test prep too. In-home tutoring on SF peninsula or by Skype elsewhere. I can help your student master the concepts and build a foundation for future success!
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