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BOOMERANG! ( Creator David Strohm is now teaching individuals and homeschool groups expository and creative writing. Location, session length flexible. Check out for flavor and call me. 


Online (IEW) writing classes for grades 4 - 12. Live virtual classroom setting; which are also recorded for future viewing. Interactive, informative and fun! Various levels offered. Classes meet every other week, September through May. Homework given. Feedback / evaluations provided
Contact: Eva Goldstein-Meola E

What should I teach my child about Language Arts this year? Where can I find all of that information in just one book? Answer: California English Language Arts Standards De-Constructed (available for grades 2 to 10).


Free, interactive resources online featuring Latin/Greek root-based activities.

REACH for Literacy provides a "no training necessary" step-by-step format for parents to use with children ages 4-7. RFL prepares and takes a child through learning to read & write. Includes: phonics, phonemes, handwriting, comprehension, spelling & more. Contact: Dr. Rena M. Walker at

Reading therapy specializing in Orton-Gillingham methodology. Custom lesson plans including explicit, multi-sensory instruction beneficial to all readers, especially grades K-3. Let's learn together!

Contact: Marianne Brooks


A storytelling/creative writing tool. The story-starters are simple, timeless and based in nature and seasonal wonder leaving room for all you and your child's ideas and creativity. Translated to Spanish and French. A new story each month!

Marna Widom email:


Sublime storytelling of world myth cycles and folktales, with live harp accompaniment. Friday morning story hours in SF near GG Park. Come make a circle of magic!

Contact: Claudia Dudley

contact: Julia Gabor
The WRiTE BRAiN Author's Kit allows students to become PUBLISHED authors of an original children's book! Through an in-depth, narrative and creative writing author’s supplement, (K-12) homeschooled students take ownership in a disguised learning process that increases self-esteem and builds literacy.


I offer a space for students to harness the powers of written expression and build creative confidence. I use their interests, capabilities, and experiences to guide my approach in group classes and individualized instructional settings.
contact: Rachel Rosekind, PhD,

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