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contact: Leslie Young email: URL: Circle of Hands specializes in games, all-natural craft materials & kits and creative toys to foster learning from early education through the grades. We focus on nurturing healthy, media-free childhood experiences.

Games as Art. Games To Entertain. Games for Inspiration. Combining the beauty of art with the stimulation of game. For children to discover and learn through play and grown-ups to explore how we live and who we are.  Or simply for lovers of game and art. Our games, toys, & instructional aides are designed to present early learning in unique & fun ways. From basic counting, color recognition, & matching to pattern identification, shape recognition, & sight word awareness, we have a product for you!


The award-winning Know Yourself Adventure Series is a monthly journey of self-discovery that leads young learners across time and space as they explore the wonders of the human body through science, art, history, food and culture.

contact: Nadia Hawatmeh



For correct size 3-line ad, fill this text box without scrolling. MyEduCrate is a subscription box service created by certified teachers with exciting, surprising educational themes that will inspire, engage and entertain the growing minds of children ages 6 -11 years old.


Use PrepToon's media rich content with real-world relevance and multi-step questions to engage struggling students who need to get back on track and to challenge motivated students to do high-level thinking.

Contact: Ruchira Modi

A storytelling/creative writing tool. The story-starters are simple, timeless and based in nature and seasonal wonder leaving room for all you and your child's ideas and creativity. Translated to Spanish and French. A new story each month!
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