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  What is the compulsory education law in California?

California compulsory education law requires everyone between the ages of six and eighteen to attend school, with a few exceptions. Sixteen and seventeen year-olds who have graduated from high school or passed the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) and obtained parental permission to leave are exempted. Students enrolled in full time private schools are also exempted. There is also an exemption option for using a private tutor.

  Does California have a homeschooling law?

No, there is no homeschooling law in California. This does not mean homeschooling is illegal, it means that it is not specifically defined by law. California homeschoolers have a number of legal ways to homeschool.

     What are the legal homeschooling options in California?

The are a variety of ways to homeschool legally:

  • Establish a home-based private school.
  • Enroll in a private school program.
  • Enroll in a charter school program
  • Enroll in a public school independent study program.
  • Use a credentialed teacher as a tutor
 What are the regulations and requirements?

Each different legal option has different regulations and requirements.

Establishing a home-based private school has only very minimal requirements for keeping certain school records, but there is no requirement to report any academic information about your children or to have them tested.

Enrolling in any program (private, charter, or public school) will involve some degree of reporting, but there is considerable variation between different programs.

Using a credentialed teacher as a tutor has some very specific regulations regarding when and for how long tutoring must take place.


See Legal 101 for complete legal information.

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