Homeschoolers and Work Permits

Children under 18 who have not graduated from high school or passed the CHSPE must, under most circumstances, have a work permit in order to hold a job.

If a child is enrolled in a public or charter school independent study program (ISP) or a private school satellite program (PSP) then the school or program is responsible for issuing the permit. Contact your school or program administrator for more information.

If you have established your own private school, then your school can issue work permits if it follows certain procedures. The following information will help you understand and comply with the legal requirements:

Work Permit Forms
The following forms are available for download on the California Department of Education Website.

Child Labor Laws
If you are issuing a work permit, you must self-certify that you are familiar with the child labor laws.
The following is a pdf of the Child Labor Laws of the State of California

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