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If your children are 6-18 years old and not enrolled in a charter school, public independent study program, or private school satellite program, remember to file your Private School Affidavit between October 1st and October 15th!

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The HSC Board of Directors holds business meetings several times per year at various locations around the state. HSC members who would like to schedule a visit to a Board meeting or request to be added to a meeting agenda, please contact us to schedule times, dates, and locations. If you would like to volunteer to host a board meeting at your house, please let us know.

HSC is pleased introduce our newly elected Board of Directors

Please welcome HSC’s new Board of Directors:

Erika Davis-Pitre (Co-President, North), Tiffany Sandoval (Co-President, South), Jamie Heston (Secretary), Y-Vonn Teh (Treasurer), Martin Whitehead (Board Member), and Krisula Moyer (Board Member).

First, we’d like to thank all of the wonderful women who came before us on the Board for their significant contributions to HSC as we say goodbye and best wishes to Pam Sorooshian, Julie Schiffman, Qarin Van Brink, Katheryn Culwell and Cindy Rodriguez Castro.

Next, we’d like to thank all of the volunteers who give of their precious time to help us further HSC’s mission to support homeschoolers across the state.

Lastly, we’d like all HSC members to know that we are orienting ourselves to the job ahead, learning quickly what needs to be done, and are excited to roll up our sleeves and make HSC even better than it already is.

Please be patient with us as we tackle this learning curve, but know that there will be a summer conference, we will be focusing on diversity and inclusivity, we will be keeping tabs on legislative matters that affect homeschoolers, and we will be responsive to your concerns and comments, among other things.

Our next board meeting will take place in Southern California on October 21st. Please reach out to us at if you'd like to attend as we plan for the upcoming year in California Homeschooling.

Get to know the new board here.

The HomeSchool Association of California is a nonprofit volunteer-run homeschool organization that:

  • Honors the diversity of homeschoolers

  • Supports the entire spectrum of homeschooling

  • Provides homeschooling information

  • Monitors and influences legislation

  • Offers opportunities for families to get together

  • Provides networking and support for homeschoolers

  • Empowers families to make choices that respect the rights, needs, and aspirations of their children

The HomeSchool Association of California (HSC) is a fully inclusive organization, welcoming homeschoolers of all races and ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, gender identities, and abilities.

Harassment or bullying will not be tolerated by HSC. The HSC Board of Directors is committed to providing a safe and civil environment in which all members of the HSC community, including adults, teens, and children, are welcomed with dignity and respect.

Link to film about homeschooling.

Homeschooling is only accessible because of the
voices that speak up for it. If you don't, who will?

HSC protects your right to make the educational choices that are best for your family.

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