Getting Started

Welcome to one of the most exciting, challenging, frustrating and fullfilling journey's of your life. Perhaps you are starting out on your journey with confidence, perhaps with trepidation, probably some of both. All of us who contributed to this website were once where you are now, and although we have as many different paths as we have homeschooling parents and children, we are all so glad that we had once had the courage that you have now, and made the choice you are now making. No matter what methods or philosophies we tried, used, or discarded we all seem to agree on one point. We are so glad that we decided to take this time with our children. As you proceed on your journey, may your family be filled with love, your learning filled with excitement, and your days filled with adventure.

Legal Homeschooling Options

Unlike many other states, California does not have any actual homeschooling law. Instead, homeschoolers choose between a variety of different legal options. This may seem confusing, but it offers the opportunity to choose an option that most suits a particular family's interests and needs. When getting started homeschooling, you will need to decide which legal option you want to use, at first, but remember that you can change your mind and make a different choice at any time.

Homeschooling Vendors, Classes,
Curriculum, and Resources