The HomeSchool

Association of California

Empowering Families Starting the Homeschool Journey Table of Contents

Beginning the Journey

2 Introduction to Homeschooling

3 Finding Your Way on the Homeschooling Journey

4 Getting Started in Homeschooling

4 Making the Most of Decompression Time

4 The Parent as Teacher

5 Finding Support

5 Socialization

6 Considering Resources


7 The Private School Option

8 Public ISPs and Private PSPs

8 Charter Homeschool Programs
10 Before Enrolling: Questions to Ask a Charter


Homeschooling Special Needs and Gifted Children

11 Finding Help

12 You Are Not Alone

12 Bringing Your Special Education Child “Home”

14 Resources

15 Periodicals and Books

Homeschooling Teens

16 The Teen Years and Beyond

16 Taking College Classes

17 Graduation

18 Work Permits

19 The High School Diploma

19 College—or Not

20 Tests

22 Driver’s Education

Homeschooling Legally

23 The Legality of Homeschooling: Complying with California Law

23 Compulsory Attendance

24 Establishing Your Own Private School

25 Attendance Records

25 Courses of Study

25 Faculty and Employees

26 Criminal Record Summary

26 Immunizations

26 The Private School Affidavit

27 Position of the California Department of Education

27 Notifying Your Local District

28 Private School Cooperatives

28 Selected California Statutes Applicable to Private Schools

28 Private School Satellite Programs

29 Tutoring

29 Public School Independent Study Programs

30 Charter Schools

Special Situations

31 Withdrawing your Child from Public or Private School Mid-Year

31 Homeschooling after a Divorce

32 Contact by Truancy Officers

33 Contact by Children’s Protective Services

33 Welfare Benefits

34 Conclusion

34 The Legality of Private-School Homeschooling in California


Homeschooling Resources

35 Homeschooling Resources

36 Websites, Materials, and Catalogs

37 Homeschooling and Learning in General

38 Books for the Teen Years

39 Science

40 Math

41 Social Science and History

42 Language Arts

43 Foreign Language

43 Educational Software Resources

44 Prepared Courses and Curricula Guidance

45 College and Other Options

46 Come Surf with HSC at!

46 Join our Friendly Online Community!

47 About HSC, This Resource, and Its Authors and Editors

48 Join Us

HomeSchool Association of California

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