HSC Campouts


Registration:  Your HSC membership must be up to date before registering for campouts. Refunds will be given for cancellations, less a non-refundable $15 cancellation fee, only if we are able to fill your space.

The FIRST step in the process is pre-registration. By pre-registering, your entire family will have spaces allocated for them.

Following your pre-registration, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on how to complete full registration for the campout. Those who are on the waiting list at that point will also be notified.

The pre-registration date and time will be announced on the HSC campers Facebook group, the HSC Facebook group, the HSC yahoogroups email list, and the HSC campers yahoogroups list.

To pre-register, go to the HSC website at www.hsc.org on or after the announced registration opening date and time.

Your SECOND step in the process will be to finish the full registration, which includes payment and form completion. If you do not complete the second step within 48 hours of notification, you will automatically be moved to the waiting list.

If you are bringing children not your own, a parent or guardian of the child will need to complete the campout registration, including a separate liability release form. Additionally, a medical release form (found here http://hsc.org/liability-form.html) must be completed by a parent or guardian, and the adult bringing the child must have two copies of the medical release (one for self and one for campout host) during the campout.



HSC Members Get Priority for Campout Sign-Ups

Liability Release Forms

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February 3-8:   Camp Krem, Santa Cruz Mountains

March 8-13:   Joshua Tree National Park

May 10-17:  Idyllwild

June 17-24:   Mono Hot Springs

August 6-9:   HSC Conference

September:   Lava Beds (exact dates TBA)

October:   Pismo State Beach (exact dates TBA)

HSC offers GROUP campouts and generally expects all families camping with us to camp in the group site as arranged by HSC.  Since HSC bases our camping prices on the number of campers expected in the group site, it can create a financial hardship for HSC if people choose to make their own reservations in individual sites. Under some conditions, it may be necessary for some campers to be in individual sites rather in the group site. If you have special circumstances that require you to reserve your own individual site, you may still be able to participate in our group, but this must be arranged with HSC as soon as possible and at least two weeks before the campout.

If you do arrange with HSC to be in an individual site, we will need some required forms and a $25 participation fee which must be filled in online and paid online at least 2 weeks prior to the campout.

Instructions for filling out the forms and paying your participation fee will be given to you when you make arrangements with HSC for individual site camping.

Remember, if you are in an individual site, you must still make sure that your children are under the direct supervision of a responsible adult whenever they are in the group site.

If you would like to arrange to camp in an individual site, please email HSC at: hsc-campouts@hsc.org.

Visiting for a day-
We love to have you! Please let the Host or the Camp Coordinator know and we will explain to you how to complete your required forms online before your visit.  No fee required.

    Link to the HSC conference website.     
                         August 6-August 9, 2015