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Easy books make learning easy!
— 3-letter words only
— Fun, colorful illustrations
— Nothing extra to confuse the reader
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Creative educational materials you won't find anywhere else. Amazing World Records books use extremes to teach. Actual Size books make your driveway a learning landscape. Language arts, social studies, and science books for homeschooling parents.  

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contact: Connie Dickison, New readers learn essential early print concepts. Upper and lower case match, Left to right movement, Return sweep, Book vocabulary, Letter orientation, Punctuation meanings and names, and more print concepts.

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The WRiTE BRAiN Author's Kit allows students to become PUBLISHED authors of an original children's book! Through an in-depth, narrative and creative writing author’s supplement, (K-12) homeschooled students take ownership in a disguised learning process that increases self-esteem and builds literacy.


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