Conference and Campout Registration Instructions

Follow EACH of these steps carefully.

As you go through this registration process, you will need to change the registration form name for each family member.
Your form may auto-fill with your name, but change the name to that of the person you are actually registering. Use the same membership-related email address for each person.

1. Click on "Register"

2. Fill in the email used for your HSC membership click "Next"

3.  Choose the registration type. (Family Participation is ONLY for those not camping in an HSC site.)

4. Fill in information for first person, click "Next"

5. On the "Review and Confirm" page, review your registration

6. If you need to register another person:
a. Click on "Invoice Me."

b. On next page, click on "New Registration." (way down at the bottom)
    Be sure you are using the same email address again, and click on, "Next."

c. Fill in name for new registration. (If the rest autofills, just leave it.
    Otherwise you will have to fill it in again.) Click, "Next."

d. You are now back to the "Review and Confirm" page.

e. If you need to register another person, go back to Step 6.

f. If that is your final registration go to Step 7.

7. Only after entering the LAST member of your family, click on "pay online."

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